Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The end of terrorism.

Osama Banana Laden was a very naughty boy. The more righteous among you will no doubt be saying that we shouldn’t be celebrating the murder of an individual. I wonder how many of those sanctimonious people breathed a sigh of relief when they heard the news? The killing of human is never nice but how many are quite happy to send thousands of heavily armed soldiers, RAF and Navy overseas with the sole objective of seeking out and killing terrorists before they kill them?
It’s kill or be killed out there. It’s natures way and it works. I doubt if Venus flytraps get a bit mournful when they’re digesting flies and we shouldn't regret either. A few hundred years ago, people had regrets about killing the low down scum of the Earth so what did they do? They put them on boats and sent them to the other side of the planet. Et voila, Australia! Gee thanks for that, well done. Slow handclap anyone?

If you want a perfect lawn expect to kill some weeds.

Would I kill Osalami Bin Liner? Yes I would, mainly because he would have no trouble whatsoever killing me. Did he lay awake at night concerned for the welfare of his victims and their families? I think not. I suspect his major ball ache was coming up with a way to top 9/11. After all he’s just convinced a group of individuals to learn how to fly and then put two passenger airplanes into the Trade Centre Towers on the promise of really kick arse afterlife. Charles Manson look and learn!
There are better ways of getting your point across. You could start a Facebook page and encourage likeminded thinkers to follow. You could dress up as a super hero, scale a monument and then put the pictures on a social networking site like Facebook. You could organize a march and bring it to the attention of a larger audience through something like Facebook for example. You could even write a letter to your MP, they might even be on Facebook. One thing you don’t do is convince nutters to hijack planes and commit suicide. Any pictures taken would be vaporized along with the camera in the explosion resulting in a really boring text only Facebook page.
Nutter don’t think rationally so you can’t expect rational methods to work on them. If you live by the blade then you should expect to die by the blade. If you live by McDonalds then you should expect to die from McDonalds. If you live by the AK47 then you should expect two shots to the head as standard.

There’s no denying that Olama Binge Lacquer was well organized. A little too well organized for my liking. If it hadn’t have been for the appalling dress sense I’d say he was gay. The many wives and kids might have just been a cunning rues to throw you off the CKone scent. Alas though he was not the only coordinated shit in the world. Human rights protestors will tell you of thousands of atrocities happening all over the planet right now. Barbaric crimes are committed against innocent people everyday by sick individuals (some of them puffy) driven by greed and hatred who need to be wiped out like the giant turds they are.

We need the world’s press to bring these sickos to our attention, after all it was them who turned Oklahoma Bean Larger into a symbol of pure hate and the reason for so many wrongs in the world. Journalists had placed him at the very top of a pyramid of evil. What they didn’t realize is that to be at the top he was standing on two peoples shoulders.

Robson and Jerome.

We need Apache gunships over Tyneside RIGHT NOW. There are 140,000 troops in Afghanistan, that’s just enough to circle Newcastle and seal it off. Their middle of the road depraved poisonous melodies are enough to make the Spanish Inquisition look like a bunch of hippies. They’ve been grooming pensioners for years, convincing them to hand over cash in exchange for nefarious covers. The wealth they’ve amassed can only be for some sort of evil too atrocious for mere normals to even contemplate.

Let us nuke the North East before it’s too late!!

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